Beyond architecture

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We are much more than an architecture studio in Castellón; we are a team of people.

Professionals who drink from different disciplines, who are passionate about what they do and give the best of themselves every day.

As CEL-RAS we are, an illusion in constant evolution, aspiring to always give back more than what was received.

Juan Miguel Gil

Architect – Project Director


CEL-RAS has its roots in the vision of Juan Miguel when in 2006 he imagined a name that, with a Mediterranean character, made reference to the place that architecture occupies between heaven and earth. Founding partner, Juan Miguel coordinates the areas of Architecture and Urbanism so that the projects have an impeccable result. He stands out for his creativity and an almost insatiable intellectual restlessness, from which his deep knowledge of the roots of architecture emanates. With a holistic vision, capable of embracing sociological, technical and cultural aspects, Juan Miguel manages to thrill, giving body and soul to a pure architecture and at the service of society.

José Luis Doménech

Technical director


José Luis is a founding partner of the company. His innate leadership capacity is an indispensable bulwark in any project: for the serenity and confidence that it transmits to our clients, for how it inspires enthusiasm in each member of the team for its work, and for the technical solvency that it contributes in each of its phases. . Technical architect by vocation, he has developed extensive experience in project coordination, structural calculation and interior design. The constant training and sensitivity with which he interprets his profession make José Luis capable of perfectly engaging the mechanisms that lead to the success of projects.

Víctor Masip

Architect – Project Director


Víctor, one of the three founding partners, is a charismatic, cautious and transparent person, capable of getting the best out of each member of CEL-RAS in the area of ​​architecture that he coordinates. Live architecture with passion, working every day to achieve excellence in creating spaces that allow people to be happy. His roots linked to traditional construction, his technical training as an Architect and Quantity Surveyor, his vocation for continuous improvement and the dominant notes of an honest and generous character, are felt and resonated when Victor helps his clients to materialize their dreams; to shape your illusions.

Alejandro Doménech

Alejandro Doménech

Director of operations


After several years linked to CEL-RAS as a professor and researcher at the university, Alejandro fully joined the CEL-RAS project in 2017, becoming a partner and head of the operations area.

His ten years of dedication as a researcher in the field of civil structures make Alejandro a reference when it comes to conceiving and calculating structures; skeletons of the architecture projected by CEL-RAS.

Obsessed with efficiency, effectiveness and process improvement, Alejandro is also in charge of fostering positive dynamics and virtuous circles within the team that lead to the success of projects.

Jordi Vila

MEP Engineer


Jordi is an Industrial Engineer specialized in the design of facilities, energy efficiency and renewable energies. He coordinates and supervises the Engineering area at CEL-RAS, being, therefore, the maker that the mechanical part of the architecture works perfectly. As a MEP engineer (mechanical, electrical and hydrosanitary) he works closely with the team of BIM-managers in the different phases of each project. Thanks to Jordi’s work, it is guaranteed that the housing facilities provide users with the highest standards of comfort and quality of life.

Paula Martínez

Communication and photography


Journalist, photographer and expert in audiovisual communication, Paula is responsible for managing all communication, her work being indispensable for the moving illusion that is CEL-RAS to advance. We want to generate emotions, reach those who have not yet been able to hear the voice of our architecture. Everything is possible thanks to the talent of Paula who, thanks to her external collaboration, achieves through an image or a text impregnated with her freshness and honesty, to synthesize the vision of CEL-RAS, which is, simply, to make the world a place a little better.

Trini Palau

Architect – Interior Designer


Trini has a passion for architecture and this is the discipline she uses to express herself and shape her artistic sensibility. An architect with international experience and specialized in interior design, she understands architecture as a form of total expression, an agglutination of other artistic disciplines such as painting, sculpture and music. This is how Trini captures the necessary essence of each project and translates it by creating spaces in which all the parts combine to form a whole in perfect harmony and harmony.

Guillem García

Civil engineer – Passivhaus designer


Guillem has high technical knowledge of construction both in the field of construction and in civil works. He is a Technical Architect and Public Works Engineer and has an analytical capacity that makes him an indispensable piece in CEL-RAS when proposing technical solutions in the development of projects. Accredited by the German Passivhaus Institut, it provides CEL-RAS with the knowledge necessary for the design of energy-efficient buildings that meet the most rigorous standards of quality and comfort.

María José Melguizo

Architect – BIM manager


An architect with the soul of a philosopher, María José overflows with passion for what she does and lives her profession from generosity and dedication to a job well done in architecture and interior design projects. Thanks to her sensitivity, María José has the virtue of capturing people’s needs and their illusions like no one else. It also completes the CEL-RAS team of BIM-managers, which allows projects to achieve the required degree of excellence.

Marcos Bou. Arquitecto

Marcos Bou



Methodical and meticulous, Marcos has a weakness for the seemingly insignificant but, in reality, of utmost importance in the final project.

After a first experience in Madrid in another architecture studio, Marcos brings his taste for order and his concern for details in the development of projects, in addition to his professionalism and ability to use BIM.



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We celebrate the tenth anniversary of CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA with a change of image, a new website and the opening of an office in Palma de Mallorca. The journey here has not been easy but it has been worth it. Proof of this is the portfolio of clients who believe in us to carry out their dreams and that the CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA team has been the same over the years, only more talent has been added.

El décimo aniversario de CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA lo celebramos con cambio de imagen, nueva web y la apertura de una oficina en Palma de Mallorca. El recorrido hasta aquí no ha sido fácil pero ha valido la pena. Prueba de ello es la cartera de clientes que creen en nosotros para llevar adelante sus ilusiones y que el equipo humano de CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA ha sido el mismo durante estos años, solo que se ha ido sumando más talento.



CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA are 10 people, which requires the creation of interconnected work areas such as architecture, design and landscape. The professionalism of the team and the seriousness in the services begin to stand out. The first architectural works are produced in Mallorca.

CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA son 10 personas, lo que obliga a la creación de áreas de trabajo interconectadas entre sí como la de arquitectura, diseño y paisaje. La profesionalidad del equipo y la seriedad en los servicios empiezan a destacar. Se producen los primeros trabajos de arquitectura en Mallorca.



We continue to grow and we need more space. We moved to the center of the city, to offices that allow us to create new synergies and develop our creativity. We started the first projects in Barcelona.

Seguimos creciendo y necesitamos más espacio. Nos mudamos al centro de la ciudad, a unas oficinas que nos permiten crear nuevas sinergias y desarrollar nuestra creatividad. Iniciamos los primeros proyectos en Barcelona.



CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA continues to grow. With the improvements introduced in continuous training and internal management, and with the accumulated experience, we have access to ever larger projects at the private, business or public administration level. We expanded the radius of action to the province of Valencia.

CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA sigue creciendo. Con las mejoras introducidas en formación continua y gestión interna, y con la experiencia acumulada, tenemos acceso a proyectos cada vez mayores a nivel privado, empresarial o para la administración pública. Ampliamos el radio de acción a la provincia de Valencia.



We launched the second website with some projects carried out in the previous 5 years of housing, renovations and urbanization. Its dissemination allows us to expand our professional network towards clients with greater

Lanzamos la segunda web con algunos proyectos realizados en los 5 años anteriores de viviendas, rehabilitaciones y urbanización. Su difusión nos permite ampliar nuestra red profesional hacia clientes con mayor confianza en nosotros.



The fruits of the previous work come in the form of an architecture competition won for the Plaza del Raval in Onda. The team grows and reaches 7 people, defining the areas of architecture, engineering and design.

Los frutos del trabajo anterior llegan en forma de un concurso de arquitectura ganado para la Plaza del Raval en Onda. El equipo crece y llega a 7 personas, definiéndose las áreas de arquitectura, ingeniería y diseño.



Year in continuous economic recession without great expectations. At CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA we maintain the firm conviction that we are creating a way of doing things well in the long term. An innovative methodology is developed to carry out projects that has been improved to date.

Año en continua recesión económica sin grandes expectativas. En CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA mantenemos la firme convicción de que estamos creando una forma de hacer las cosas bien a largo plazo. Se desarrolla una metodología innovadora de realizar los proyectos que se ha ido mejorando hasta la actualidad.



We designed the first website and implemented internal management improvements to increase efficiency, and reduce errors and production costs. The team is already 5 people with great diversification of jobs, including technical assistance to Town Halls.

Diseñamos la primera web e implementamos las mejoras de gestión interna para aumentar la eficiencia, y reducir errores y costes de producción. El equipo ya es de 5 personas con gran diversificación de trabajos, incluida la asistencia técnica a Ayuntamientos.



Opening of the office in Castellón de la Plana. This fact moved the nerve center of CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA to the capital to be closer to our clients and collaborators.

Apertura de la oficina en Castellón de la Plana. Este hecho trasladó el centro neurálgico de CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA hacia la capital para estar más cerca de nuestros clientes y colaboradores.



Union of the founding partners and creation of a work ideology as a result of the immersion in the economic and real estate crisis in Spain.

Unión de los socios fundadores y creación de un ideario de trabajo a raíz de la inmersión en la crisis económica e inmobiliaria de España.



Creation of the CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA studio in Onda, Castellón. From the beginning, it tried to offer itself architectural services different from the traditional way of practicing the trade, with collaboration between technicians and agile project management.

Creación del estudio CEL-RAS ARQUITECTURA en Onda, Castellón. Desde el principio trató de ofrecerse unos servicios de arquitectura diferentes a la forma tradicional de ejercer el oficio, con la colaboración entre los técnicos y la gestión ágil de proyectos.