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All our architecture is born and is based on the following: creating the necessary conditions to define spaces that provide a better quality of life to people, and therefore, to society. We understand that design must be holistic, capable of adapting and providing a comprehensive response to the needs of each client. With this premise we work when designing homes, workplaces and leisure spaces. With a cast that ranges from new construction to the rehabilitation of historical-artistic heritage, through housing or premises renovation projects for new uses and activities.

Interior Design

Materials, colors, textures, furniture, light, spaces … are the essential elements that we play with at CEL-RAS. By combining all these ingredients as part of a whole, we ensure that each room acquires the functionality and character that our client requires. We design with creativity and avant-garde interiors for homes, retail premises, offices or industrial buildings.


It can be said that the greatest challenge for an architect is to intervene in the territory and in the city, due to its greater effect on the landscape and the quality of life of society in general. Planning, managing and rehabilitating public spaces involves an integrated approach with other areas of knowledge such as urban sociology, the environment, public health, the economy and cultural heritage, all seen through the prism of sustainability. At CEL-RAS we are trained to diagnose and provide solutions in urban matters, such as Urban Projects, Urban Development Plans or Master Plans. We develop integrated solutions capable of vibrating in harmony with the lives of past, present and future generations.